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A 22-year-old woman from Finland.
Lover of life, animals, video games, movies and music.
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"everything that kills me makes me feel alive"



New DALeast mural in Warsaw, Poland

Chinese-born, South Africa-based artistDALeast was recently in Poland painting a new mural for the Street Art Doping mural festival in Warsaw. This is one of the few murals he has painted as of late, as he has been focusing on studio work this year. DAL’s distinctive style evolved from his effort to paint large pieces without using much paint, a technique he came up with back in his homeland. As time went on, this technique became his unique, recognizable signature.

Jack Wall and Sam Hulick

—Uncharted Worlds


Uncharted Worlds 【Jack Wall and Sam Hulick】

The main reason why using galaxy map in Mass Effect takes much longer than it should.

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i am pretty

  • pretty dumb 
  • pretty stupid
  • pretty annoying

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